Karbullah Rams Setting Standard

Rams from Karbullah Poll Merino will be the driving force behind the new initiative aimed at increasing lamb survivability in the harsh environments of the Falkland Islands.

Karbullah is the key stud of four Australian merino studs selected to provide… Continue reading

Female eye for detail delivers for sheep industry

The role of women on Australia’s sheep properties is no longer confined to baking scones for the shearers, but in embracing all aspects of the business. Modern female sheep producers are often leading the uptake of new technology and data management systems developed by the likes of the Sheep Cooperative Research Centre (Sheep CRC), which inform many management and breeding decisions made in the business. Continue reading

Producing the ‘perfect’ sheep

Sheep breeder mark and Vicki Murphy want to produce the “perfect sheep” and they’re not far off it. The Karbullah Poll Merino Stud, located north of Goondiwindi is ensuring the future of the merino industry in the region. Continue reading

Merinos make a difference to markets

With the sheep meat markets on a strong path, Sheepmeat Council CEO  Dr Kat Ferme said,  “The latest MLA report emphasies the importance of growth in our traditional markets like the US while pursuing opportunities in Asia. In 2014 lamb exports to the US are forecast to grow 8%, to 42,500 tonnes swt - the highest annual total to the US since 2007.” Continue reading

The ‘bullet proof’ proof ewe

It is a beautiful thing when science and stockmanship find some common ground. Such is the case for the recent realisation of the value of increasing the genetic fat and muscle in Merino ewes. In what could be described as parallel universes two dedicated sheep teams made exactly the same discovery: The more genetic fat and muscle a Merino ewe has the better she handles the climatic extremes, that is, the more bullet proof she is. Continue reading